In these posts we demystify the complex, misunderstood, and mistrusted business of systematic asset management, and present some useful industry reference data.

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Hedge Fund Who’s Who – August 2017

This Hedge Fund Who’s Who joins the dots among the biggest in the world. Like a clonal colony, many firms are connected beneath the surface – I show how to use Form ADV to discover the relationships!

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New Commodity Pools July 2017

Find out who registered new commodity pools in June and July 2017. There’s a table showing data for the biggest hedge funds. You can download a complete list.

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New Commodity Pools Registered April 2017

Not many pools were registered over the last few weeks – about 1/3 the rate of the previous report. Still some useful information to be found though amongst the new commodity pools registered April 2017.

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Ian Rayner

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