In these posts we demystify the complex, misunderstood, and mistrusted business of systematic asset management, and present some useful industry reference data.

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New Commodity Pools July 2017

Find out who registered new commodity pools in June and July 2017. There’s a table showing data for the biggest hedge funds. You can download a complete list.

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New Commodity Pools Registered April 2017

Not many pools were registered over the last few weeks – about 1/3 the rate of the previous report. Still some useful information to be found though amongst the new commodity pools registered April 2017.

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Biggest Hedge Funds By Assets Under Management April 2017

AUM for 50 of the world’s biggest hedge funds by assets under management April 2017 based on their Form ADV. The selected firms have at least $10bn in regulatory assets under management, and report the majority of their business by account number and $AUM to be pooled investment vehicles (other than investment companies).

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