In these posts we explore simple and complex issues in mathematics and statistics from the field of systematic asset management and quantitative trading systems.

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Hacking Compound Annual Growth Rate

Applying a linear trend line to the value added monthly index gives a better estimate of returns than compound annual growth rate. It differentiates between different return distributions and is less affected by noise.

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CAGR – Does It Give a Distorted View?

Focusing on CAGR is a mistake unless you are aware of its limitations. We take a closer look at Compound Annual Growth Rate, to see what it leaves out, and how it can be affected by chance.

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RSelenium For Mac: Update

Web-scraping within the R environment on a Mac has changed since I last discussed it. Here’s an update on RSelenium for Mac introducing Docker as a simple way to run Selenium 3 and the necessary Gekko and Chrome drivers.

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